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I would love to get to know every single person who visits my website.  Since that isn't possible at least I can let you get to know me a little.

Born in North Carolina, I am a wanderer at heart.  In the last 25 years (since college graduation) I have lived all over the United States, exploring every state and having wonderful adventures along the way.   I have managed horse ranches in Texas and Oregon; worked with teenagers all over the country (I love them!), and I have hiked, biked, rafted and played in every locale I could.  I love all the beaches,  deserts,  woods, and  mountains I have traveled through but when I discovered Washington I discovered home.

My heart is at home here with the snow covered mountains; the glistening waters of the Pacific; the eagles and Orca whales; the towering fir trees surrounding my home; and the miles of trails on my own Magic Mountain.  Every where I look inspires me to be all I can be - to follow and achieve all the dreams of my heart!

I managed to write and publish 16 books along the way -  everything from contemporary novels for teens, to historical novels for adults, to my latest - the books you will find here on this website that I hope will inspire you to be all you can be!  I am quite sure I will never live long enough to write all that my heart and mind holds, but I certainly intend to try! 

I am also the Founder & CEO of Together We Can Change The World, Inc.  This fabulous organization is committed to creating a world-wide community of people with a passion to make a difference and live their best life - using the multitude of FREE resources we give them.  If you would like to be part of our 5 Million For Change campaign, just visit or  We'd love to have you join our Family!
My life will forever be a journey.  I know I will never get to the place where I think I've "arrived".   The more I learn - the more I know I don't know!  Yet what joy I receive by sharing the light I have... 

I hope you enjoy and grow from the things I share here in my website and my newsletters.  I would love to hear from you anytime!

Have a magical day!!

Ginny Dye